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Funnel Builder 50 Access:

Build up to 50 active funnels perfectly tailored to your business needs. Our intuitive funnel builder empowers you to create high-converting campaigns effortlessly.

5,000 Leads:

Collect Up To 5,000 Leads with our FunnelBuilder system, comprising high-quality leads eager to engage with your brand.

Zero Selling Fees:

Keep more of your hard-earned revenue with our fee-free model. Rest easy knowing your profits stay where they belong - in your pocket.

100 Landing Page Layouts, Plus 5 New Templates Each Month:

Choose from a diverse selection of 100 professionally designed landing page layouts. Customize your pages effortlessly to reflect your unique brand identity.

Monthly High Converting Lead Collector Pages:

Stay ahead of the curve with 5 new high-converting lead collector pages delivered to you each month. Continuously optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

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And You Can Expect 5 New Templates Each Month When You Claim BuyerClicks LeadsCollector

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Here's Everything You'll Get With Your Purchase

BuyerClicks LeadsCollector

  • Funnel Builder 50 Access
  • 5,000 Leads
  • Zero Selling Fees
  • 100 Lead Collector Page Layouts
  • 5 Monthly Lead Collector Pages