BuyerClicks Extra

Step 1. Request Your Links Added To BuyerClicks System

We need to Add Your Link To BuyerClicks System manually,
and we would need you to send the following information

Please open a new ticket in this format:


BuyerClicks extra Link


Hi Support,

Please help me to setup My BuyerClicks Link,

This is the Link Where I want Buyer Traffic To Be Sent, (If you Haven't sent one in the Front End Thank You Page)
"Add URL Where You Want To Receive Buyer Traffic"

This Is The Extra Link Where I Want Buyer Traffic To Be Sent, 
"Add URL Where You Want To Receive Buyer Traffic"

thanks For your Help,

We Recommend You Using A URL Tracker So You Can Change
Your Link Whenever You Want

Step 2. Register For BuyerClicks Extra

Step 3. Register For BuyerBuilder Plus Bonus

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